The Mission of the Canadian Lebanon Society of Halifax is to be an entity that is truly responsible to the Lebanese Community. That is, one that listens and consults, that encourages innovation and individual initiation and seeks to unlock the full potential of the people of its community. A community that is both of its unique history and looks forward with confidence to its future.


Long before the Halifax Lebanese community evolved to what we see today, with its own churches and community centres, there was, and still is, the Canadian Lebanon Society of Halifax.

The Society’s vision is to preserve and promote the culture and traditions of Lebanon as described in the songs of Fairuz Sabah, Wadih Sofi and the Zajal nights. The Society put our community on the international stage when it participated in the World Fair in New York in 1939 and when it became a chapter of the World Lebanese Cultural Union in 1970s.

Throughout its 78 year history, the Society’s minute books remarkably demonstrate how the traditional hopes and dreams of the founding members remain entrenched with Society’s members today…….


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