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George Samara
2016 | 2017

Welcome to the Canadian Lebanon Society of Halifax web page. I believe in communication and volunteering within the community. It gives one a great feeling and motivation to spend free time in a good way.

I am a genuine and friendly man, and I moved to Canada from Lebanon with my family to give my children the opportunities of this great country. My passion is to spend quality time with my family.  We are extremely proud of our Lebanese heritage, and equally as proud to reside here in Nova Scotia today. We appreciate the need to instill the morals and values in our families that will foster strong relationships with those in our communities. Our successful settlement here, has been, and will continue to be used as a template for attracting other immigrants to Nova Scotia. We have built a close-knit community by maintaining our family values, and ethics in all dealings, both personal and professional. We have proudly brought our culture and traditions from Lebanon to our new home.

I joined the Canadian Lebanon society of Halifax in 2010, and from 2011 to 2012, I was vice president. In 2014 and 2015 my role was as treasurer, and in 2016, I became the president.
We continue to teach our children to respect and honour their Lebanese heritage, and impart in them the importance of respecting and honouring our fellow Canadians and the laws of Canada. We lead by example in this, to ensure the coming generations will thrive and contribute to community growth, as we have. Our Lebanese Heritage Language School ensures that our youth can carry forward our language and cultural traditions in a healthy and engaging manner. In 2016, we established a scholarship program for heritage school students. In addition, we have launched an adult class, and I encourage you to join us if you would like to practice your native language.
We would like to congratulate George Chater for being recognized as the Emigrant of the Year 2016 by the Lebanese Honorary Consul Mr. Wadih Fares, P-Eng. at our Annual Emigrant's Day Cocktail Reception. George has been a long-time member and supporter of our Society, and so we have recognized this achievement with an honorary membership for this year.

Special thanks to our Golf Committee who organized the 12th Annual Golf Tournament on August 25
th, 2016. The tournament has become the Society's major fundraiser of the year, so it's an important one for us. This year's event took place at Granite Springs Golf Club and we were blessed with good weather. The tournament had one forty-four golfers and over 18 sponsors to help make it a success.

The Canadian Lebanon Society of Halifax has been instrumental in our sharing of our cultural heritage with the community through a variety of folkloric, educational and cultural events. The Canadian Lebanon Society of Halifax knows we not only serve Lebanese Canadians, but all Canadians. We are all very familiar with the tragedy which unfolded in Fort McMurray, Alberta last year. In response, our Board of Directors unanimously voted to donate to the Canadian Red Cross to help them in their relief efforts.

The Society has been in existence for seventy-eight years and has contributed a lot in helping our community and society, however, we would not succeed without the work of its members. Last year marked a key year for three of our members who celebrated 50 years as members of the society. Ralph Alphonse, Maroun Hage and Ann Hallal are recognized for all of their hard work and time in promoting not only the Society, but Lebanese culture, here in Halifax. Last year Past-President Michael Faddoul announced that each year at the annual Christmas lunch, the Society would recognize a member or members who have supported, promoted, or were essential members and have accomplished a lot in promoting the Society. I would like to congratulate our three outstanding inductees John Arab, Zakhour Faddoul, Hilda Faddoul for their vital contributions and selfless commitment to the Society.

Thank you for all you have done.

Sincerely Yours,

George Samara, President

255 Bedford Hwy
Halifax, NS
B3M 2K5
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