• Emigrant’s Day
    17th annual Lebanese Emigrant’s Day celebrations
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    16th annual Lebanese Emigrant’s Day celebrations

    By: Michael Faddoul

    Thanks to the hard work of our individuals, organizations, churches, and festivals, the Lebanese will forever be known here in community of Halifax as one of the most well-known, respected and successful group of Emigrants not only in Nova Scotia, but I truly believe world-wide. We have worked hard to succeed in commerce, but in the same time have maintained our roots, our culture, and our Lebanese heritage here with us in our new nation of Canada.

    Our Emigrants definitely went through some obstacles and struggles to be where they are today. They left their families and friends in Lebanon, they had to learn a new language, and they came with little resources. They had their faith and were willing to work hard in order to succeed and to provide for their families.

    I truly admire and respect all of our Lebanese Emigrants who have come to Canada and who have come and worked hard to make it a more comfortable living condition for my generation. If it was not for our Lebanese Emigrants we not have had:

    Our churches, our associations, our festivals, and our gatherings
    We would not be able to do the commerce that we do today.
    Our voices would not be herd.
    Our tight community would not exist.
    We would have lost our traditions, our food, our culture and our Lebanon.

    For the past 16 years the Canadian Lebanon Society of Halifax has hosted a day dedicated to our Emigrants known as the “day of the Lebanese Emigrant”. Emigrant’s day is celebrated each year to show case and look back at the risk, sacrifice and determination that we made to be where we are today and where and what we can do to strive to make our new country a better place for the upcoming generation and not to forget our culture and heritage of Lebanon. On this day, the Honorary Consul of Lebanon in Halifax, Mr. Wadih Fares will recognize an individual or an organization by awarding them as Emigrant of the year who has succeeded and in the same time has given back to the community.

    This year the day of the Lebanese Emigrant was held on Sunday May 15, 2016 at the Olympic Community Centre. A small cocktail reception was held prior to the event where guests had a chance to mingle and enjoy some Lebanese Hors d’oeuvres. There were many dignitaries who attended the event including: His Honor Brigadier General, The Honorable J.J. Grant Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, Mr. Wadih Fares, the Honorary Consul of Lebanon in Halifax and his wife Mrs. Cathy Fares, various Members of the Legislative Assembly, Very Reverend Archpriest Father Maximos Saikali, Pastor of Saint Antonios Church, His Worship Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality, various Councilors, various Chairs, and Presidents of our Lebanese groups and Associations, some of our past Emigrant of the year recipient’s and our host Mr. Georges Samara, President of the Canadian Lebanon Society of Halifax and his wife Wadiaa.

    Various speeches were given that afternoon from all levels of government, who all seemed to have the same message which was: a big thank you to all of our Lebanese community for what they have done and continue do, to help better our city, our province and our nation. A special thank you goes out to the various dance groups in our community who performed at the event.

    This year’s recipient of the Emigrant of the year was Mr. George Chater who accepted his award surrounded by his family and loved ones.

    This event has occurred 16 consecutive years. We have recognized individual emigrants and organizations for all of their achievements and all of what they have done to better this community. I am sure we will continue this tradition for many years to come. There will be more individual emigrants and organizations that will be recognized and there will be some that may not be recognized, this is not the point. The point is we have all in some way have made this community a better place, and I encourage you all to continue to support our community, while maintaining our Lebanese traditions. All of our emigrants have made us proud. You have made this city proud, this province proud, Canada proud, and more importantly Lebanon proud.

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    The Honorary Consulate of Lebanon
    Annual Online Magazine
    English | Page 5


  • Multiculturalism
    The Society participated in festivals of the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia.
    The Society participated in the Briar Festival - an International Food Fair, more than 20,000 people were at the World Trade Convention Centre.
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    The Society decided to partner with Diman Association Canada to promote our culture.
    Herring Cove Junior High requested Lebanese costume from the Society for a fashion show.
    The Society helped with a project for Eastern Passage Junior High on Lebanon.
    The Society presented a Lebanese Cultural Workshop to Custom Officials at the Halifax Airport.
    The Society participated in an International Evening at Dalhousie, were dancers performed before 220 high school students and 40 teachers.
    The Society partnered with Diman Association Canada to host a Lebanese Summer Festival and the Society hosted the first-ever Lebanese Theatrical Performance by Al-Arz Art Group.
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  • The Club on Agricola Street
    The Society took out a mortgage, renovated the Club on Agricola St. and rented the upstairs to Dalhousie students
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    The Society with the help of lawyer Lena Diab sold the Club at Agricola St.
    A real estate committee was formed and they have rented the first floor of Our Lady of Lebanon Church.
  • Political Developments
    The Society held a reception and banquet to honour Mr. Wadih Fares on his appointment by the Movement of Lebanon to “Honorary Consuls of Lebanon”.
  • Lebanese Independence Day
    The newly appointed Honorary Council Wadih Fares, began a new annual tradition of inviting the Society and its members to the Diman Lebanese Centre to celebrate Lebanese National Independence Day. The tradition continues to this day and includes a toast given by the Society’s President to Canada ad Lebanon.
  • New Year Eve Traditions
    December marked the 14th annual New Year’s Eve Ball, “moved back” tot he original location at The Westin Nova Scotian, featuring a buffet dinner and “all your favourite Arabic and English singers on 2 giant video screens”.
  • Society Goverance
    The Society participated in festivals of the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia.
    The Society elected its first female president, Lena Metlege Diab.
    The Society’s President Faddoul Faddoul said: “ I choose to myself this commitment - Working in this field, I will be using the same seeds and since the majority of members need a change; to these members I will say yes I will use the same seeds but perhaps I will change the soil and the fertilization.
    The Society established a New Mission Statement.
    The Society made a lot of efforts to consider a new location for a Community Centre based on Joseph’s D Daniel talk when said: “It is important to stay optimistic because when things have to get done., we always pull through”. Ralph Alphonse commented: “ If we want it, we can afford it”.
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