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To Canadian Lebanese youth in a simplified and fun way in order to communicate with others and identify with belonging to Lebanon

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Wadiaa Samara
School Principal


As early as 1958, President George Arab suggested a committee be struck for the purpose of teaching Lebanese to children. On May 26, 1960, it was notices in the minutes that a school is to be opened late in the fall where Arabic and English could be taught.

After an interval, the school was opened again in 1979 and in 1983 the Society received a $1,500 grant from the Province. The School aims to foster education of our youth in both the Lebanese Language and culture. The School has operated from several locations including John Martin Junior High School, Dartmouth High School and St. Agnes School, where it continue to operate today.

The Curriculum has evolved over the years, and there is renewed focus on conversation, writing, reading and fun activities. Books have been ordered from Lebanon to assist in achieving the school’s goals.
In the senior classes, we utilize the Ya Hala books developed recently for students living outside of Lebanon. Our teachers have the desire, compassion and skills necessary to lead student to learn and communicate in Arabic. Children also are prepared for many exciting events that happen throughout the year such as, general activities, sing the Canadian and Lebanese national anthem at the Lebanese Independence Ceremony, Christmas concert and End-of-Year event, which are well attended by parents.

Canadian Lebanese youth will enjoy speaking and listening and ultimately reading and writing Arabic in daily life and during travels. This will include communicating with relatives, friends and classmates as well as co-workers and clients, understanding the Lebanese news on TV and in text and understanding speeches at events.

Although enrolment varies annually, it has been approximately 100 students in the past few years, with children from ages 4 through 15.


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Preschool | Primary | Grade 1 | Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Senior 1 Grades 4-7 | Senior 2 Grades 4-5 | Senior 3 Grades 6 and above
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The curriculum has evolved over the years, and there is renewed focus on conversation, writing, reading, dancing and singing.
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Grade 3 and up utilize the books, “Ya Halla”, developed recently for students living outside of Lebanon.
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Children prepare for the Christmas party, end of year event, and graduation ceremony on May 26th, which will be attended by the parents.


When is the School starting ?  
First Day of Classes is Friday September 22, 2017.           

Which day the classes are on ?  
Classes take place on Friday evenings during the school year.

How much is the Tuition Fee?  

Tuition: $250 for approximately 25 two hour classes plus two rehearsal sessions, two concerts, and a minimum of 2 extra fun events at no extra cost.

How much are the Books?  
Books are required from grades 3 and up. Books are sometimes require extra cost.

Forms and Payment will be collected on Friday September 15 and Saturday September 16, 2017 at the Canadian Lebanon Society Centre on 255 Bedford Hwy, Halifax, NS from 6:00pm to 7:30pm both days.

The Society is pleased to offer a Scholarship, please fill the application and bring to us to assess your eligibility  


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